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Here you can find all the details for the Salzburg Open like mode, playing system, entry fee, dresscode, side events, etc.


Register online to the SALZBURG OPEN 2018 and find details like payment, players list, etc.


Within a 5 minute walk there is the well known 4-Star Hotel "Austria Trend" which supports the Salzburg Open with special offers and rates.


We serve a Live scoring from every table and also a Livestream-Arena.

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ÖPBV support and full rating for the Austrian ranking and also sanctioning by the EPBF complete the package completely.

The mode in detail

9 Ball - 128 Players* | 2 Fields with 64 Players each | Double elimination | per field 16 qualifiers to the final stage | Final stage:: 32 Players - Single elimination
Races to: Qualifying (First and Second "Losers Round": 5) | Final bracket 7 | Final 9 | see also the time table
Rules: EuroTour Rules (9-Ball on the foot-spot, three point rule, alternate break) - More information: EuroTour Regulations

*Increase: We reserve the right to expand the field up to 160 starters and adjust the mode. The first 128 starters which transfer the entry fee first, then play in the Saturday groups. Starter 129 - 160 will play on Friday evening Nov. 3rd.

Prize money of 8.000€ in cash!

Place Money Number Total
1 € 1.500,00 1 € 1.500,00
2 € 1.100,00 1 € 1.100,00
3-4 €    700,00 2 € 1.400,00
5-8 €    250,00 4 € 1.000,00
9-16 €    125,00 8 € 1.000,00
17-32 €      80,00 16 € 1.280,00
33-64* €      45,00  8 €    720,00
    TOTAL  € 8.000,00

In addition, there are of course also still great trophies to win.

Tournament venue

Billardcenter "Kugelrund" in Salzburg / Austria | Fachmarktstraße 1 | A-5071 Wals bei Salzburg | Website: www.kugelrund.at

5 Minutes away from Airport Salzburg and about 1 hour car drive from Munich / Germany.

Sign up to the tournament

Exclusively using only this registration form on this website!
FIRST PAY - FIRST PLAY --> The ranking for the fixed places in the field will be sorted by receipt of payment and not by the registration date!

Entry fee 60,- EUR

60, - EUR if payment is received until August 15th via bank transfer or PayPal (see bank account informationen in our confirmation email) and includes the tournament entry fee, the player party with live music and a meal voucher worth 10, - EUR!

PayPal: This payment form is available as well and can be found in the confirmation email after your registration.

If payment is received later than 15th August: Entry fee is 65, - EUR (+3€ for PayPal)

In the case of a cancellation before August. 15th, we will refund the already paid entry fee. After August. 15th only if the spot is accepted by a player on the waiting list.

Features & Side Event

  • Saturday: Players Party with the draw for the final day - much fun and raffle prices, ... sometimes goes until sunrise.
  • Meal voucher included

Clothing & Dress Code

Clean and well maintained it should be!
Men: long trousers in any color (no blue jeans). Shoes as well in any color - but clean and no sports shoes! Outerwear Polo shirt or shirt WITH collar, also a club shirt with badges is allowed.

Women in general: We in Salzburg think, ladies in women's Clothing looks nicer than in men's Clothing! It can also to be a skirt or dress. The upper part, for example a fancy top or blouse, must not have a collar! Any shoes but no sport shoes!

Note: We offer you a wonderful event in a beautiful venue. However, if someone does not want to adhere to the dress code, we also have solutions for this. Starting at 20, - EUR for "pain and suffering" which is levied by the tournament director immediately via disqualification (in very bad fashion sins), up to 50% reduction of price money are available for selection.
Forgot your clothes? Close proximity to the tournament, there are hundreds (!) of stores for shopping.

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